All about Sheryl!

As a Personal Trainer for many years, my passion is sharing great solutions for you to increase your overall wellness. Are you facing challenges with your skin? I can help guide you through any skin questions you may have such as aging skin, sun spots and other conditions.  Are you looking for a new fitness approach that fits in your current life style?

If you looked me up in my high school yearbook you would notice that I’ve been active in fitness throughout all of my life and I actually said “I love to exercise”.  My high school coach was a mentor who instilled in me one of my prime motivators; a passion to work with others in fitness.  I apply this passion when I work with my clients by always trying to take into consideration how my clients feel, and where each person is coming from.  I feel that one of my strengths is the ability to empathize with others in their fitness journey.  Hence, the name Fit and Firm Forever.  Fit body and firm skin.  It’s never too late to become the perfect you.

Whether it be special fitness hurdles, or diet and wellness challenges, I can help you maintain a positive outlook and help to build your confidence.  My goal is to challenge you to work toward your goals, and that means that it might not be easy.  But I promise you, that together, we will be on this journey to a healthier and happier new you!        

What sets me apart as a trainer is my experience in analyzing movement.  With gymnastics as my primary sport, I progressed from collegiate gymnastics to judging gymnastics.  This background was instrumental in developing my ability to analyze movement and technique in fitness training. As a licensed Physical Therapist Assistant, I will ensure that you are safe in your movement to prevent injury. 

Overall wellness is an extremely important goal in making our bodies feel better and look better.  Outside of fitness I also have passion to help my clients with anti-aging.  With age, our cells do not repair themselves as they did in the earlier years. We see the natural changes, and sometimes actually feel those age related changes.

I've grown to appreciate the unique product, ASEA REDOX Cell Signaling Supplement, which is the first and only supplement containing the Redox Signaling Molecules.  These molecules are actually native to our body, and vital to the body's natural process of cellular repair. Please be sure to check the ASEA videos and read more about why I chose to share these products for OVERALL wellness.

The science behind this product is absolutely amazing, and I have seen my own positive changes in overall health since trying it.  The skin is included in those positive changes, with ASEA.  You’d be amazed at the results when we can get our cells to talk to each other again. The RENU 28 and RENU Advanced Intensive Skin products are the only deep cellular products on the market. The products could actually make it easier to get more healthy, with a fit body and firm skin. Allow me to work with you to improve your fitness level and wellness too; to be fit and firm forever.