Here is why ASEA is the company with the opportunity for
doing so much good in the world. I have found my true meaning
in sharing this absolutely amazing product in conjunction with my
passion for fitness and wellness. Our company's advantage is our 
unique patented product with more amazing results than I can tell
you about. The people, and their charitable Advancing Life Foundation
​is reflecting the wonderful soul of ASEA.

Looking for a chance to make positive health changes
in someone's life while earning an income?

​Our team is hiring. I would love more like-minded friends to join me.

You can hear the stories of some people who are using ASEA. We do not make any medical claims, but these testimonials do not pale to the real life stories I have heard at the recent "ASEA Envision Convention"

If you love the science behind any product, this is the most ​
comprehensive story of ASEA. This video is well worth watching,
​and I'm going to break it down in chunks for you. First we have the interesting story of what ASEA is, and what is Redox signaling. 

These key times are pieces of information you don't want to miss: 

12:00: How the product is unique and a game changer. 

16:00: You will hear about the valid research behind it,
and the diseases that are influenced by redox signals.

18:30: Shows the anti-aging effects of RENU 28, and they are
much more than affects to the skin, as I have learned. 

20:30: You will learn how the company got started and the
important ethical decision they made, and why they made it.

28:00: Athletes will see why burning fat as fuel and having
more glycogen stores will increase endurance
and decrease muscle soreness and fatigue. 

38:00 : You will see why this scientific breakthrough
​is going to be worth the opportunity to share it.


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