The increase of cellular communication throughout the body with ASEA

has some great testimonials.  Check the link  

and the video below for some different ways that ASEA has been working.

Contact me for many more real life testimonials. Remember, if it's a cell
from any
body system, and it's not working as it should, it may respond
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RENU 28 is the most Advanced Anti Aging Skin Therapy available today. Harnessing the power of Redox Signaling Molecules, RENU 28 is a 
u​nique patented product that gets results. 

Please note that RENU 28 is not a treatment or cure for any skin disease 
or medical condition.RENU 28 contains powerful stabilized Redox Signaling Molecules that are native to your body and foundational to 
cellular health and healing.


You can hear the stories of some people who are using ASEA. We do not make any medical claims, but these testimonials do not pale to the real life stories I have heard at the recent "ASEA Envision Convention"